Reel Breakdown

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00:02 Shattered Film - Co-Directed with Kaitlin Yu and Yuetian (Tiantian) Zhang. This is THE major film that I created alongside my thesis partners, and will be coming out May of 2022! I touched on many aspects of the 3d pipeline which includes, character modeling texturing and look dev, rigging, cloth simulation using Marvelous Designer, shot sculpting, lighting, and rendering. 

00:45 Maomao Kitchen - Responsible for all aspects except for concept art, which is from Cartoon Networks Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart. I started this project as a "substitute" final for my metalworking class due school going online and no longer being able to access the facilities. We had to create something in 3D and I decided to challenge myself by taking a 2d animated show and transforming it into a 3d animated-esque film set. The lighting was done for my Introduction to Light and Rendering class final project. My goal was to create a moody sunset lighting.

00:45 Robo-Kid - Responsible for all aspects except for concept art, which is by artist Gaston Pacheco. This was the project that got me immersed into the world of character modeling. I am drawn to the hard surface and organic concept art and thought this drawing by Gaston was the perfect challenge for me. I plan to learn some

x-gen and give the character some hair soon!    

00:59 Gilded Rose - Completed with for shading class under the direction of Jordan Harvey. This rose was our first assignment. I decided to do a gilded rose because it simply seemed more fun than shading a realistic rose. I learned how to properly use subsurface maps created in substance painter and link them in Maya. 

01:04 Laika Boxtrolls Group Project - Completed with Jo Chen, Annabelle Zhang, and Mark Manalo. I was responsible for all aspects of the house on the right, the lamp, and the produce stand. I helped with the set dressing, lighting, rendering, and was responsible for the compositing. This was my first ever group project and I learned a lot about how to coordinate and work alongside my peers.