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Shot Breakdown

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Hornet McDonalds UNO Spot
character modeling, prop modeling

I focused on modeling the two children and the grandpa featured in the picture frame. Additionally, I worked on refining the wheelchair asset, ensuring it adhered to the standards and visual style of the spot.

Hornet Kroger "The Magical Cookbook"
prop modeling and look development, character look development

During my internship at Hornet as a CG generalist, I helped on prop modeling and look development. For the cookbook, I crafted various blend shapes for the cookbook, collaborating closely with the design team to achieve its desired aesthetic.

​Shattered Film
Co-Directing, Character TD, Lighting, Compositing

Shattered is my thesis film, a personal story that I brought to life with my thesis partners Kaitlin Yu and Tiantian (Yuetian) Zhang. I was responsible for the character modeling and look development. I rigged the child using Advanced Skeleton. I also tailored and simulated the clothing using Marvelous Designer.

​HOPR Google IO Bash
Character modeling and look development, lighting

I modeled and look developed the cyborg and crystal birds. Additionally, I provided support in shot lighting, crowd modeling, and the creation of additional environment and prop assets.

​HOPR Google Firebase
Set Dressing and lighting, Environment look development and lighting.

Hornet Kroger Holiday Spot
Character modeling and look development, prop modeling

I assisted with the look development on the married couple.I created variations of their outfits through either modeling clothes or offering multiple texture options. Additionally, I worked on character and prop modeling and look development. 

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